The art of making green triangles

MU-Tang Coin

MU-Tang Clan

"Check rules everything around me."

The rite of induction into the MU-Tang Clan is profound and complex. To join the MU-Tang Clan, an agent must come to the Pacific Northwest and throw a green field covering 1 MU or more. Not a million MU. Just one. All triangles are sacred to St. Jarvis.

The coins are somewhat harder to come by. To earn a coin, you need to participate in a field operation somewhere in the NR13-ROMEO supercell which has 1 million MU up for check. If you miss check, you've still done something hard, but you haven't earned a coin. Likewise, 950K MU isn't enough. Multiple layers, on the other hand, is fine. St. Jarvis likes layers.

St. Jarvis

A lonely priest is drawing lines in the sand behind a monastery in Spain. First one, then another: they connect. They form a V. He draws another line, caught in an ecstatic vision of what could be. The lines form a triangle. They do not glow, but in his eyes they do, energized by divine approval.

He draws two more lines. This is a layer. Two more. And more. And more, until he passes out from exhaustion. His superior finds him there in the morning and scolds him. It's all worth it.

The following week, he writes a prayer. Perhaps someone working through him writes it. Centuries later, brave agents murmur that prayer for luck before they create green skies.

Blessed Saint Jarvis who dwelleth in green skies, hallowed be Thy name, Thy cell be won. Thy op be done in city as it is in wilderness. Give us this day a key for every hack, and forgive us our unannounced ADA as we forgive those who shitlink against us. And lead us not into bad opsec, but deliver us cell signal: for Thine is the base link, the split link and the layers, Now and Forever. aMUn.

Keeping Score

Our illustrious opponents run a scorecard. A snippet of advice: add the following to the totalMUChart Javascript to avoid a misleading Y axis.

options: { scales: { yAxes: [{ ticks: { beginAtZero:true } }] } }

We also have an emergency backup scorecard in the event that the proper one isn't updated.

Field Generator

"I reckon we field."