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The bones of the site.

About the Site

This site is an ad hoc project to make it easier for Enlightened agents to find other Enlightened agents. It is not an official Niantic project, nor is it owned by any Enlightened community. The secret of authority in Ingress is this: just do it. If it's a good idea, people will adopt it.

Contact Us

Suggestions, additions, questions, complaints, and so on? Hit me up.

Responsible Parties

Strandit made this. 85MR2, mxxw, Ollietronic, Pongolyn, and Weelittlestabby helped. Thanks are also due to a lot of people who told me how to join their local communities.

The header banner photo was taken by adrian and distributed on Unsplash. Other graphics are courtesy of Portland and Seattle anomalies, plus a rare map collection. I took the field screenshot myself. The HTML templates are from HTML5 UP.